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Thursday, April 28, 2016 8:57 AM

An Easter Message from Archbishop O’Brien

During the Easter season, it is customary in some cultures to greet people not by saying “hello” or offering some similar salutation, but with the words, “Christ is Risen” –  to which one replies, “He is Risen indeed”.  By using the present tense of the verb, we affirm our belief in the enduring presence of the Risen Christ among us today.
The Resurrection is for us the sign that evil and suffering, though present in our world, do not have the power to defeat us.  This confidence that comes from our faith in the Risen Lord urges us to be a sign of hope for others, to be a source of strength for those around us as we help one another to face our challenges.
During this Easter season, as we listen to the scriptural accounts of Mary Magdalene, and of Thomas and the disciples on the road to Emmaus, may we experience their conviction that “He is Risen indeed”.
A Blessed Easter to all.




In relation to Bill C-14, the federal legislation concerning physician-assisted suicide, I want to draw your attention to an important initiative of the Catholic Women’s League of Canada to promote end-of-life care that is truly compassionate. 

On Wednesday, May 4, 2016, the CWL encourages you to participate in 12 Hours of Prayer for Palliative Care.  A promotional poster is included with this transmission.

Information and resources for the 12 Hours of Prayer for Palliative Care, including prayers and reflections, can be found on the CWL website at



The issues of suffering and of preparing for death touch every one of us. How do we respond as followers of Jesus Christ? In the Archdiocese of Edmonton we are undertaking a special initiative to help one another explore deeply our Catholic stance against assisted suicide and euthanasia. In this video, Archbishop Richard Smith extends a personal invitation to people of the Archdiocese to attend a series of conversations on this important subject.

Sun. Apr. 3 @  4:30 pm - 'What's it all about?'
Tues. Apr. 5  @   9:00 pm -  'What's wrong with assisted suicide & euthanasia?'
Sun. Apr. 10  @ 4:30 pm -  'It's my body, my choice.'
Tues. Apr. 12 @  9:00 pm -  'I don't want to suffer.'
Wed. Apr. 13 @  9:00 pm - 'What must we do?'


This past October, the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada launched a joint Declaration on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide.  At the time of its release, the Declaration had been signed by 56 faith leaders across Canada.  These signatories, including the CCCB, are now making a concerted effort to obtain signatures from a wide spectrum of Canadians who agree with the principles outlined in the Declaration.  You are invited to show your support for this initiative.  The Declaration and signatory option can be accessed at the following

Assisted suicide – protect the vulnerable and those who care for them. 

By June 2016, the Government of Canada is expected to pass legislation to legalize assisted suicide.  The Coalition for HealthCARE and Conscience is making an urgent appeal for your help.  This group of like-minded partners, which includes 5,000 doctors across Canada, is committed to protecting conscience rights for health practitioners and facilities.  You are invited to visit the Coalition’s website, for more information and to show your support.  Through the website, you can write directly to your Member of Parliament to express your concerns.  Since there is a tight timeline for the development of this legislation, you are asked to take action no later than April 1, 2016.